The transition to "green" energy and the introduction of "green"
technologies is a growing vector of the global economy
N. Nazarbayev


The Atlas of Solar Resources of Kazakhstan has been created within the framework of the Project of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy and United Nations Development Program ""Providing Assistance to the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan to Implement the Green Economy Transition Concept of Republic of Kazakhstan and Institutionalize the Green Bridge Partnership Programme”

The Solar Resources Atlas of Kazakhstan is developed by the company «Sapa Pro&Tech»

Maps of solar radiation indicators (direct, diffuse, total, etc.) constructed on the basis of climatic bases that are in open access (NASA SSE, Sustainable Buildings, SARAH-E)

Maps of the main meteorological characteristics (air temperature, temperature of the underlying surface, cloudiness, atmospheric precipitation, albedo, etc.)

Maps of factors affecting the potential of building solar power plants (specially protected natural areas, infrastructure, etc.)

A map of operating and projected solar energy facilities; a map of power lines